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About Ranaghat

Ranaghat that is situated in the district of Nadia (West Bengal) with just 74 kms from the northern side of Kolkata, and has been popular for several things. One of the important reason is the weaving of awesome collection of handlooms, and even famous for selling the beautiful flowers and sweet dishes such as the ‘Pantooa’.

About Ranaghat
Ranaghat Junction

The city of Ranaghat lies over the banks of the River 'Churni', and the town has expanded with borders at all its corners. And the region is found to be the capital city of Mahakumas or the Nadia district. Even the surrounding people arrive to this place to reside in this city, as it is found to be one of the major railway junctions, established in the Sealdah-Murshidabad Railway Section.

History of Ranaghat

It is said that the town derived its name from Rana Dacoit’, who was suppose to pillage this town for about 500 to 600 years ago. He was an ardent worshiper of Goddess Kali. Other version for naming of town is that it gained its name from Rana (a Rajput Warrior) as well as the Rani (the Queen); while, the Ghat is nothing but the steps that leads to the river. A large percentage of the people are the Hindu families or refugees moving from Bangladesh, during the war of 1971 against Pakistan.

Geography of Ranaghat

The town of Ranaghat lies with a latitude of 23.183 and longitude of 88.583 in the district of Nadia, and is exactly 74 kilometers from the north of Kolkata and approximately 26 kilometers from the south of Krishnanagar, via the Nadia District headquarters. Also, the Bangladesh border is extremely near to this Ranaghat and is established over the banks of the River Churni.

Demography of Ranaghat

During the 2011 census of India, the Urban Agglomeration of Ranaghat had a population of about 235,583; amongst which, the male population was 119,578 and female population was approximately 116,005; while the population of infants (0–6 years) was 18,575. The effective male literacy rate was about 89.77% and female literacy rate was 82.33%. While, the literacy rate of the children above 7 years old was 86.10 per cent.

Economy of Ranaghat

Profile of RanaghatAgriculture is the main source of economy in this region of West Bengal, yet dairy business acts as a major stimulator in the growth of economy. However, the Economy of Ranaghat as well as its surrounding area depends upon the agriculture, especially the paddy or the rice, the wheat and fruits, etc. grown outside the main town. Also, wide-variety of dairy products is being transported to the city of Kolkata every morning. On the eastern-half of the town, there is a place called 'Nokari', where one can find the large market of flowers with vibrant colors. However, Food Processing Industries are planning to establish a market complex specifically at the town of Ranaghat. This place is said to be one among the capturing market of flowers in the state of West Bengal. Some other businesses which become the cause for good economy includes handicrafts and boutiques, as there are numerous shops of handicrafts items and garments in this city.

Healthcare Services in Ranaghat

In Ranaghat, one can find some of the government as well as the private nursing-homes, where people can get better treatment. However, one can neither find diagnostic centers, nor any other medical facilities. You must visit the center of the city to get treatment, as there are dental and eye clinics, as well as some other types of healthcare institutions. Some of the main healthcare centers are namely, the Central Nursing Home, Life Nursing Home, Ranaghat Nursing Home, Radharani Sheba Sadan, Ranaghat Lions Eye Hospital, Manorama Hospitex Hospital, and so on.

Netrajyoti Eye Hospital

Address: A118/1, Mission Road, Ranaghat - 741201
Phone: +(91)-9609128876, 9635337084
+(91)-3473-215315, 215415, 211937

Laions Eye Rechers Hospital
Address: Biswaspara, Ranaghat Ho, Ranaghat - 741201
Phone: +(91)-3473-230778

Jadav Dutta Public Health Centre
Address: Habibpur, Ranaghat - 741403
Phone: +(91)-3473-281019

Central Nursing Home

Address: Ravindra Sarani, 85/1,
Seal Danga,
City : Ranaghat
Pin Code : 741201 (West Bengal)

Transportation in Ranaghat

The city of Ranaghat has a very good transportation facility and is well-connected by railways, even there are many buses connecting it to other parts of Bengal. Cycle Rickshaws, Tempos form backbone of local transportation network in Ranaghat. The local administration is taking all measures to upgrade existing transportation infrastructure to the next level.

Ranaghat Jn
Location: GNPC Road, Ranaghat, West Bengal, India
Owned by: Indian Railways
Operated by : Eastern Railway
Line(s): Sealdah-Ranaghat line
Lalgola branch line
Gede branch line
Ranaghat-Bangaon link line
Station code: RHA
Division(s): Sealdah
Previous names: Eastern Bengal Railway

Culture and Festivals of Ranaghat

Ranaghat consists of mostly the Bengali Hindus who perform Durga-puja which is said to be the biggest colorful festival celebrated across the city. The Pujas were conducted by the old families in the Ranaghat and is followed till today. There were two other pujas conducted at Sadu Bauni & Sharmabari, which are the ancient types of pujas (approximately, 700 years or older), both have been organized by Raja Krishnachandra Rai. The Durga idol located at Ghatak Bari is prepared out of cement, and it is said to be the first permanent structure in this area, which is worshiped by the locales. You can become witness for the celebration of the festival or fair that is conducted at the date of the statue being established. While, the festival or grand theme pujas offered using large budget are mainly performed by the Dey Chowdhury, as well as the Para Sharbojonin, along with Talpukrpara & Nabarun Sangha , and Panthapara, etc.

Culture of Ranaghat
Durga Puja

One can also participate in the Kali puja that is performed at the eastern-side of this city. Also, one can find various sports clubs who organise puja at this town. These sports clubs include the Friends' club, Netaji sangha, D.L Roy institute, as well as Beltala Club, the coopers camp, Sanghamitra club and Mahaprabhu sporting club organize major pujas at this town. Even major Hindu pujas like Rath-Yatra is also celebrated, which is said to be the large festival in the town. Millions of people from all over India arrive here to watch this Rath during the Rath Yatra Utsav, that is held between the months of June and July at the place of happy club maidan as well as the Swasthyonnati Math Rathyatra Utsav. In recent years, new celebration called 'Jagaddhatri Puja' was performed everywhere at this place. One more festival known as ‘Dol yatra’ is celebrated everywhere at the town. There is another village called ‘Harinagar’ that is most popular for conducting ‘kirtans’ of Lord Sri Krishna and motivate people to become more religious and follow Sri Krishna.

One can also find Christan community celebrating Christmas at ‘Begopara Church’ that lies outside the main town and people of all religion gather here to attend the party. Moreover, there is a famous mosque at Nasra-Para, which surrounds the town.

Food in Ranaghat

Theres is noting special about food items served in Ranaghat as they are all influenced from common dishes of Nadia district. You can eat either the Sweet recipes like Rasogollas or the most popular dish called 'Pantoa', also you can have some other common delicious Bengali Veg and Non-Veg food, Chinese food in Ranaghat, and some other food items in this city.

Utilities and Services in Ranaghat

Services in Ranaghat
Utility Services

Apart from these, there are several utilities and services available across the city of Ranaghat. So, one may not find it difficult to get proper services at right time, as there are hospitals, banks, professional courier services, printing services, and many more. IT infrastructure has become famous at the later years, and all the banks in town started to get computerised. The town currently is home to numerous banks and ATMs.

Home Appliances Shops in Ranaghat

Barman Electronics
Address : G N P C Road,
Ranaghat Ho,
City : Ranaghat
Pin Code : 741201 (West Bengal)
Mobile : +91 973 379 7387

Swarnavi Telecom

Address : Nasra, Beltala Bazar,
Gopalnagar Road, Ranaghat Ho,
City : Ranaghat
Pin Code : 741201 (West Bengal)
Mobile : +91 961 466 4433

Chakraborty Mobile Service Centre
Address : Nadia, G N P C Road,
Ranaghat Ho,
City : Ranaghat
Pin Code : 741201 (West Bengal)
Mobile : +91 954 750 3030

Postal Services in Ranaghat

The Professional Couriers
Courier Service
Address: Biswajit Dalal,
Subhas Avenue, Ranaghat,
City : Ranaghat
Pin Code : 741201 (West Bengal)
Mobile : +91 894 506 8903

DN Mitra Digital Color Lab (Printing Service)
Address: Ranaghat,
City : Ranaghat
Pin Code : 741201 (West Bengal)
Phone : 0347 325 9733

Banks in Rnaghat
State Bank Of India
Nadia District, West Bengal
IFSC Code : SBIN0000166 (5th character is zero)
MICR Code : 741002202
Branch Code : 000166 (Last 6 Characters of the IFSC Code)
Address : S.v.sarani, Ranaghat, 24 Pgs N, W.b-741201
TEL: 03473-210064

UCO Bank
Address: Ranaghat,
City : Ranaghat,
Pin Code : 741201 (West Bengal)
Phone :1800 103 0123

Tourism in Ranaghat

Tourism in Ranaghat comprises of not many, but few important places, that has made tourist visit this beautiful spot. Some of these attractive spots include the Pal-Chaudhuri House located at Ghatak Para, is the house constructed by the person known as Krishna Panti (a Zamindar of Nadia District), who built his house with 300 rooms for the sake of his artisans work. One can also visit Churni Nodir Ghat, which creates a pleasant atmosphere and protects from the scorching heat of the summer months. There is a bridge that is constructed over the bank of this River 'Churni', which connects to the 'Ainshtola' to the Chotobazar over the eastern bank. There is a temple called 'Siddheshwari Temple' that is established in the main place of the city, which is formed since 150 years ago. Also, you can visit Nistarini temple nearby the Happy-Club Maidan. You can even make a tour to Ranaghat Forest that is situated in the heart of the city, that is a famous picnic spot.

Shopping in Ranaghat

There are actually 2 main shopping malls at this place of Ranaghat, which are namely the Rose Vally Shoping Mall and Ranaghat Nokia Priority Dealer. Rather than these, there are some other small shops or showrooms where you will be able to purchase anything you wish to buy from the local market of Ranaghat.

Rose Vally Shopping Mall

City : Ranaghat,
Pin Code : 741201, (West Bengal)

Ranaghat Nokia Priority Dealer

Near Friends Club,
Mission Road,
City : Ranaghat,
Pin Code : 741201, (West Bengal)

Sports in Ranaghat

There are various sports and games played here at Ranaghat, amongst which Cricket and football are found to be the very notable sports. There are also some other sports like Karate that has been played since the 1980s, and both boys and girls have improved their sport skills and have become expertise that made them fetch the laurels for their city of Ranaghat, by participating in national and international level sports.

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